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Panteya is a remote patient monitoring and clinic optimisation tool specialising in patient engagement for private clinics.

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Real-time moNITORING

Connect with patients and Monitor their progress.

Our platform enables patients to input and monitor their health with predictive insights into well-being, satisfaction and quality of life - creating a complete picture of the patient’s recovery.

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Educate patients and Monitor their understanding.

Education is key in reducing stress and improving outcomes, but tracking patient understanding is difficult. Panteya enables procedure-specific and measurable education helping clinics to manage patient expectations.

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Communicate with patients and Monitor their enquiries.

Multi-channel communication takes valuable time away from clinic staff. Panteya enables secure messaging, utilising smart suggestions to simplify enquiries, referring patients to education modules to reduce the burden of patient non-billable enquiries.

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Optimise and Improve Your Clinic with Panteya

Our detailed insights empower clinics to better inform their decisions whilst maximising revenue from patients. Custom protocols allow clinicians to tailor every individual patient experience through the click of a button.

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HIPAA Compliant

Custom Protocols

Panteya Pathways

Predictive Insights


Features to enhance the patient experience.

Our secure platform delivers a suite of features to create an enhanced patient experience. Advanced patient and clinic insights form Panteya Pathways, offered back to clinics to optimise their workflows.

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Panteya Consult

We help doctors grow their clinics – with patients in mind.

Our team of clinic consultants can assist you in reaching more patients and creating better patient experiences through a detailed clinic growth strategy, supported by the Panteya platform and pathways.

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About Us

Our Mission

Panteya is a remote patient monitoring and clinic optimisation tool specialising in patient engagement for private clinics performing elective surgeries, combining patient monitoring, education, communication and a self-monitoring app which allows for global reach and improving patient experiences.

Globally, our vision is to create a world where all patients are connected to their health and are able to access optimum recovery pathways for their procedures, through Panteya Pathways.

Our founders are driven by their personal experiences with healthcare, and are backed by Panteya’s medical advisors, a team of leading clinicians and surgeons who have helped bring Panteya to life from day one.

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